Robins egg Blues, and the Goddess Abnoba

Posted by Monique

Robins Egg Blues

Yesterday I discovered a robins nest under my balcony. It was so close I could look between the slats and see the three little blue eggs, only inches away.


I was excited to see the little birds hatch and grow from such a close perspective. I posted a picture on facebook, thinking over the coming weeks I would post little updates on the robin family.


This morning, I walked out of my studio doors to see one little blue egg smashed on the patio. I rushed upstairs to check the nest an there wasn’t a single egg left in it. Something must have come 

along and eaten them.

I sat in the sun on the balcony wondering what the symbolism in this was for me.

My mind turned immediately to my career as an artist. I thought of the way that my ideas and 

projects that have so much potential, often get eaten up by something hungry that comes along.

The truth is, no one knows what my creative potential is, even I don’t know. I am often spread so thin over multiple projects that I am desperately working to bring to fruition, as fast as possible, so I can pay the next bill.

I have developed the ability to paint and draw incredibly fast, so that I can produce as quickly as possible, and get paid.

I do have a certain standard for my work, but the moment I accomplish that ,the brush is down, and I’m on to the next thing.

I want to know what I am capable of, what would one more hour, ten more hours, a hundred more hours bring to my work?

Most of the artwork we see in art history textbooks took years to produce. I want the experience of knowing what I can do with that kind of time, or even just a few weeks or months.

I am working on a piece right now, a water goddess. In a matter of about 6 hours I have brought her to this beautiful place. I thought to myself, with a bit of discipline, I could pump one of these babies out everyday. That is a thought that came from scarcity consciousness, because it wasn’t about quality, but about a quantity of minimum viable product.

I was looking at her today and thinking to myself, if I finished this in oil, how much more depth and beauty would I be able to achieve. Then immediately my mind turned to time, do I have the time to do that? Can I have her finished in oil, along with finishing 5 more paintings for an art show opening I have scheduled for 3 weeks from now? This while simultaneously working on commissions, promoting and teaching paint parties, and teaching my private students.

One other symptom of the time shortage mentality I have been experiencing is drastically reducing the price of my art for the purpose of a quick sale in order to get the bills paid on time.

I know a lot of people who really appreciate my art, but who can not afford original art prices. These are my patrons, the beautiful, generous, deep lovers of art, 

who’s souls crave connection and creativity, but who’s pocket books are not in much better shape than my own. To these people I owe a debt of gratitude and love. Those people who prioritize supporting art and artists in this world, who see art as an essential part of life as a human, despite their circumstances. For these people I am always happy to cut a deal, and work out a partial barter, because in the long run, the appreciation of my art is the greatest reward.

I am only looking for the opportunity to create art that is beyond what I have done so far. To feel comfortable putting the time in to making something that might not just be beautiful, but something mind-blowingly profound.

And so I will ask yet again:

If there is a painting of mine that you love, and you can do so, buy it. It’s not just a pretty thing to hang on your wall, it means so much more than that. It represents the future of my art, and my life. Every piece of my art holographically contains everything that I have been and will be.


If original art is beyond what you can justify, I have prints available on my website,

If you would like to be a supporter of my art, please share this blog and/or

go to

or etransfer to

Subscribe to my blog and email list, stay up to date on the projects I am working on, and watch the unfoldment of what is to come.

My conviction to create profound art is so far beyond my pride. I know that my purpose is not only to create, but also to inspire. I am, and will be, giving back 10 fold, this is about more than just me, and you can be a part of it.

Help me afford the time to make this one painting great, beyond what I have done before. I will update as she develops and perhaps this will be a catalyst.

See ‘The River Goddess of the Black Forest, Abnoba’ in person at my upcoming art show opening at the Birch Bistro in Bowmanville on May 23rd. She is a part of ‘Water’, the second instalment of my series ‘Elementals’. This show will simultaneously be closing ‘Earth’. Art will be available for purchase. Any contributions made at this time may be counted toward the purchase of any of my paintings available.

In addition, I have a project in the developmental stages, in which I will paint Goddess portraits of women for the purpose of inspiring their empowerment. I will be applying for a grant so that these paintings may be gifted to the women who star in them. More to come on that.

I promise to do great things.

With all the love in my heart, thank you for reading this.

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